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              Talent is a strategic resource, and the core is to cultivate the people, attract the people, use the people, and explore the people. Specifically, it includes the following five aspects: investment priority strategy in human capital, realization strategy of talent value, talent structure adjustment strategy, reform strategy of personnel system, and overall development strategy of talent. The Group always insists on the talent philosophy of "people first", specifies the human resource management, and is committed to building the first-class talent mechanism; and we continuously explore the salary and welfare system of modern enterprise, and establish and improve the training system. People first, gather the talents widely, use the capable ones and relief the incapable ones, compete fairly, and survival of the fittest; and leave people with thing, and move with emotion. We attach importance to the learning of external professional management knowledge and the cultivation of internal lecturers, regularly develop the large training, and improve the employees in mentality, management level and executive force comprehensively. The senior leaders lead by example, and the whole employees of the Company insist on reading for a long time, thus, actively building and practicing the innovative enterprise and learning-oriented enterprise. We continuously strengthen the self-cultivation when developing externally, establish the employee growth channels on management class and technology class, formulate the route diagram of employee growth, combine the cross-post and cross-department learning and many other ways, and actively build the employees into multi-skill compound talents.


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